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May, 2012  
  Make the Most of Your Summer Internship
by Kristin Shopp, Manager, University Relations

Did you get an internship this summer? Congratulations!

Here are five tips to ensure your experience is a success:

1. Meet with your manager. Connect with your manager to establish goals and expectations for the summer.  Many internships tend to be unstructured, so it is critical that you have a clear understanding of what is expected of you. Take the time to assess the projects that your manager has and create a plan to accomplish the objectives.  In addition, you will want to think about what you personally want to accomplish during the summer and build that into your plan as well. 

2. Take notes of your accomplishments. It will help your manager to craft a terrific recommendation letter for you, as well as assist you in adding meaningful bullets to your resume. It also is an ego-boost to look back later at your body of work.

3. Network!! Some of the most interesting learning occurs by the water cooler, and you never know who will be there—your VP or even the CEO. If there are opportunities to get involved in activities such as volleyball or other sports with co-workers, think about doing it! Building these relationships is just as important to your experience as the job training. By building your network, you are helping to lay the path toward finding your next job opportunity.

4. Evaluate the company and industry. Your employer is trying to figure out whether you are a fit, so you should do the same.  If your company offers workshops, town halls, conferences and the like, take every opportunity to attend. This is a great way to increase your knowledge of the company.  In addition, it shows that you are really committed.  Use your time to learn about what you like in a company in general as well. Perhaps you like a smaller company, or a rigid structure, or prefer a relaxed work environment.

5. Take initiative. Don't be afraid to speak up and ask questions in a meeting. Take on that challenging assignment that will make a great impression on the boss and others. According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers, one out of every two interns will get a full-time offer. Make sure you stand out so that offer is yours!

By following these tips, you can  well be on your way to making the most out of your summer internship experience. And don't forget the most important tip of all: Have fun!

Co-ops Volunteer at Urban Roots Farm (Austin)

A group of Austin co-ops and University Relations staff recently got their hands dirty for a great cause. The organization Urban Roots serves the Austin community by offering paid internships for at-risk youth on their 3.5-acre sustainable farm, supporting local soup kitchens and increasing access to healthy food through community supported agriculture and farmers' markets.

Approximately 10 co-ops and UR staff members took a break from their cubicles to spend a morning at the Urban Roots farm, harvesting crops that help support the organizations' programs. University Recruiter Barry Trefftzs appreciated the opportunity to get a closer look at where our food comes from. "You get a whole new appreciation for food by being able to see it at the source; it's very different from buying food in the produce section at the store." Among the harvested items were familiar crops, such as garlic and collard greens, but the group also had the chance to learn about some lesser known ones, such as kohlrabi.

The volunteers appreciated the opportunity to spend some time outside and build camaraderie. Co-op Rishi Vamadevan said, "Overall, it was a great experience, and to have an opportunity to enjoy nature and be with some great people was very satisfying. The best part was that all of us worked as a team.  We all felt a degree of calmness and satisfaction that you don't get very often.  If you want to blow off some steam, uproot some weeds!" At the end of the shift, the volunteers were allowed to enjoy the fruits of their labor by taking home some fresh produce for themselves.

Thanks to the efforts of the volunteers, Urban Roots was awarded an AMD Team Development Grant of $500, which will be used to further their outreach programs.

University Relations Attends the 25th Annual Jerry Sanders Design Competition

The 25th annual AMD Jerry Sanders Design Competition was held in March  at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC). The event is the first and longest running student robot competition in the United States and is one of the highlights of the annual Engineering Open House (EOH).

AMD is a long-time sponsor of this competition and helped to celebrate its milestone anniversary with lots of giveaways and a display booth featuring AMD technology. Participants and spectators had the opportunity to play video games on the AMD Eyefinity technology set-up and to test drive HP laptops featuring the AMD APU.  EOH also raffled off an AMD Radeon™ HD graphics card and an AMD APU-based notebook PC.

Team EDT SEPHIROTH from the University of Illinois at Chicago was the overall competition winner, with team IEEE Snuffleupagus, also from the University of Illinois at Chicago, winning "Most Creative Design." Faculty Advisor Dan Mast was also recognized by EOH for his years of service to the Jerry Sanders Design Competition. On behalf of University Relations, we'd like to thank everyone for coming out to the contest, and we look forward to seeing you next year!

In Memory of Ritwika Bhattacharya

AMD University Relations mourns the passing of Ritwika Bhattacharya, a former engineering co-op in our Markham, Canada office. Ritwika was known by her colleagues as an exceptional worker and friendly face. Ritwika's former manager, Nadia Khatir, had this to say:

    Ritwika was kind, caring, and sweet, and she
    added youth and joy to the team. She cared about
    everyone around her, especially her family and friends. She talked about [her family]
    all the time with [a] great smile and sparkles in eyes...I am sure she is missed so
    much by her close friends and family; she is missed here at AMD too. RIP sweet,
    sweet Ritwika.

The University Relations staff extend their deepest condolences to Ritwika's family and friends.

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