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July, 2012  
  AMD Co-ops, Interns and PEYs Learn All About The AMD Way (North America)
by Jaye Gordon, Communication Specialist

On Tuesday, July 17th, AMD CEO Rory Read took some time to deliver a talk to AMD co-op students, interns and PEYs (Professional Experience Year - a program in Markham). The talk was held in Austin and webcast to other AMD sites throughout North America. Turnout was strong across locations, with over 300 total attendees in both Austin and Markham. Rory’s observations about the realities of work/life balance resulted in one of many playful exchanges with the audience, especially when Mr. Read was invited to play a game of basketball by the Austin student basketball league.

Highlighting The AMD Way, Rory reinforced the importance of integrity, honesty and dedication in all that AMD employees do.

After the event a co-op student in Markham, Han Jiang, said, “Mr. Read is one of the best motivational speakers that I’ve had the pleasure of listening to. His enthusiasm, passion, and anecdotes will without a doubt inspire interns and co-ops to find their passion in life that will propel them into a satisfying and rewarding career.”
  UR Staff, Co-ops and Interns Become Trail Blazers (Austin)

A group of co-ops, interns and University Relations (UR) staff—armed with axes, rakes and gloves—recently braved the Texas summer heat to help build a nature trail at AMD’s Lonestar campus. The trail-building project is sponsored by the AMD Green Team and was kicked off earlier this year to both promote personal wellness and provide a space for AMD employees to relax and connect with nature.  The 2.5-mile trail is expected to be completed by August and has been built by AMD employee volunteers, or “trail blazers.”

The group of co-ops, interns and UR staff spent the morning cutting down trees, clearing out brush and raking away debris. More importantly, they had the chance to work as a team and get to know one another better. University Recruiter Trevor Budge said, “It’s not every day you get to swing an axe for a tech company! It was great to be outside, make a contribution to AMD and help to build something that our employees will enjoy for years to come.”
  AMD Lends a Helping Hand to the Community Harvest Project (Boxborough)
by James Gordon, AMD Co-op

This June, AMD co-ops and full-time employees alike managed to find time in their busy schedules to volunteer at the Community Harvest Project, a non-profit organization dedicated to growing fresh fruits and vegetables for hunger relief in Worcester County.  In 2011, 6,500 volunteers came together at the Community Harvest Project’s farms in North Grafton, MA and managed to provide an amazing 170,000 pounds (77,111 kg) of food to food pantries, soup kitchens and shelters.
On one unusually cool and cloudy June morning, employees from AMD’s Boston Design Center gathered in the Community Harvest Project’s fields to plant beets.  After going over some ground rules and learning how to properly plant the seeds, our team of 11 set to work breaking ground, cleaning up the plastic covering the seed beds, and planting and covering the seeds in soil.  Although we didn’t count how many beets we planted, we did manage to plant 1.5 rows, with at least 500 beets per row.  And, after three hours of hard work, we learned that a certain business competitor of ours had visited the week before and hadn’t managed to plant quite as many beets as we had.  So, with that happy thought on our minds, and our hands covered in dirt, we contentedly trudged off the field, basking in the sunshine pouring through the rapidly disappearing clouds.
  Co-op Profile: Jennifer Byford (Austin)

My name is Jennifer and I'm an Electrical Engineering Senior at Michigan State University and a second-time co-op on the Fault Isolation (FI) team of the DA Lab. For the FI team, I help identify root causes of parametric and functional failure of CPUs and GPUs both in production and under development to provide feedback to manufacturing, reliability and design teams.

My experience working at AMD has been fantastic and one of the most defining for me in choosing a path towards a career in the silicon industry. Working in the DA lab is a unique experience because the work has an excellent balance between practical and conceptual, which is an ideal environment for learning and exploring interests. Analysts get real parts with problems that require the use of practical skills to prepare samples and use testers and equipment to collect data. Then, after the data have been collected, good conceptual and theoretical knowledge is required to use the data to determine the root cause of failure and actually understand what has happened electrically and physically to the sample.

For a new student coming in, there are endless amounts of topics in which to immerse yourself: the details on how our products work, the engineering and physics concepts our tools and techniques use to operate and even how we will handle new products in the future with dies being further shrunk. I have had the opportunity to dig into analysis work as well as to contribute to projects around the lab for development and research.

Outside of my area of work, working at AMD as a whole has been rewarding. Comparing it with some of my other work experiences, AMD's work-place culture cannot be beat. The atmosphere is so open and friendly to people and ideas, it is easy to see how AMD is a company that has spurred so much innovation in its industry when pursuing interests and ideas is so accessible. Even as a co-op during my first term I had the ability and resources to pursue a personal project in exploring the effects of ESD (electro-static discharge) on semiconductors.

I have gotten a lot out of my two terms here and look forward to future work experiences here as well. Not every company—especially when you are a co-op—will leave you feeling like your work mattered and that you have been given an opportunity to contribute as well as learn but AMD does.
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AMD Co-ops, Interns and PEYs Learn All About the AMD Way
UR Staff, Co-ops and Interns Become Trail Blazers (Austin)
AMD Lends a Helping Hand to the Community Harvest Project (Boxborough)
Co-op Profile: Jennifer Byford


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