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September, 2011


  University Relations Launches The Global University Student Center

University Relations LaunchWe are excited to announce the launch of The Global University Student Center—our central global hub for exciting, engaging and employing the brightest talent worldwide.

By visiting our center, you can learn more about AMD's student employment opportunities and apply directly online. We've also made it easier to stay in touch with our team, to find out where we're recruiting and to see what our co-ops, interns, MBAs and new college grads are up to.

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Meet Kiranmai Pendyala: Head of Human Resources (India)

Kiranmai PendyalaAMD's Global University Student Center is excited about its efforts to attract and retain premium talent worldwide. This month, we interview Kiranmai Pendyala, who is leading the recruitment charge in India.

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Markham Announces Intern and Mentor of the Year (Canada)
by Dean Simon, Canada Recruiter/Coordinator and Michelle Pacheco, Canada Recruiter

This year, we had a great response for nominations for both the Intern of the Year and Mentor of the Year awards.  The decision was difficult, but nonetheless, two deserving candidates were selected.

Intern of the Year
Kevin MurrayKevin Murray, a PEY with the Silicon Design CAD team, was nominated by Steven Butt, Manager ASIC Layout/Design, for his continued contributions. Kevin quickly became an integral part of his team and the overlying CAD organization as he helped to deliver a project that would place all timing analyses under a single umbrella. His contribution is still used, and his mentor said it was "nothing short of a rousing success."

Mentor of the Year
Alan WuAlan Wu was nominated by four PEYs for not only his technical ability but also his leadership. Alan is known for welcoming new students on their first day and helping them to become acquainted with AMD. He takes a vested interest in their career development, helping them to grow personally and professionally by holding one-on-one meetings.
Congrats to all of our PEYs and co-ops for their success at AMD!

Co-ops Discuss Creativity and Innovation with Michael Bourland (Austin)
by Oliver Zhou, Co-op Engineer

Oliver ZhouRecently, several of the co-ops were treated to an intimate Brown Bag Lunch session with Michael Bourland, a PMTS who is the PEO Test Chip Technical Lead.

Michael came to primarily impress upon us that creativity and innovation go hand in hand. This point was illustrated by delivering a brief overview of some of the projects in which he has played an instrumental role, leveraging creativity to drive innovation. By breaking down his analysis of the underlying problem and then describing the iterative design process he undertook, Michael helped deliver the message that we need to be creative in seeking novel ideas to achieve innovation.

Michael also left us with some words of advice, retelling the tale of Ludwig Boltzmann, for whom the Boltzmann constant is named. After being ridiculed by the physicists of the day, Ludwig Boltzmann hung himself during a deep depression. Many believed he did so because he felt that he had failed.  Ironically, less than two years after his tragic death, Einstein's and Perrin's studies proved him correct. Hopefully his parable will inspire young engineers to continue to take risks and be willing to defend their positions.

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University Relations Launches The Global University Student Center
Meet Kiranmai Pendyala: Head of Human Resources (India)
Markham Announces Intern and Mentor of the Year (Canada)
Co-ops Discuss Creativity and Innovation with Michael Bourland (Austin)


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