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GPU PerfStudio Adds Support for DX12, LiquidVR™ & More

With support for DirectX® 12 on Windows 10, OpenGL 4.5, LiquidVR™ and more, you’ll want to check out the latest version of GPU PerfStudio here.

AMD FireRender Library: a State-of-the-Art 3D Renderer

People have been rendering virtual worlds using ray tracing techniques for a long time. There are a lot of options for ray tracing software. The AMD FireRender library is not “just another renderer.” What makes this one interesting? Read about it our blog.

Accelerate Sparse Matrix Operations

The just-released clSPARSE Beta is open source; it’s OpenCL, and it’s… well, learn about how it works, and how it performs in this blog post.

Does DirectGMA work between an FPGA and a GPU? Find the answer in this thread at the DevGurus forums.



IEEE 2015, Atlanta, GA, Oct 4-6, 2015


Immersed 2015, Toronto, Canada, Oct 4-6, 2015


JavaOne, San Francisco, CA, Oct 25-29


LLVM Developers’ Meeting, San Jose, CA, Oct 29-30, 2015




OpenCL™ Training  in Baltimore, MD, with Acceleware, Sept. 22, 2015


Edinburg Napier University OpenCL™ courses


On-Demand Webinars & Tutorials – From AMD Developer Central


Visit AMD’s Training Partners for more training options or to schedule a customized training session



Senior Software Engineer, Austin, TX

Software Developer, Markham, Canada

GPU PerfAPI 2.17 now Available

The latest version of GPU PerfAPI adds support for OpenGL ES for both Windows and Linux, squashed bugs and added functionality. Check out all of the details and download it here.

Can you improve programmability with Fine-Grained SVM?

The AMD APP SDK 3.0 final release is now available, and includes some new examples that were not present in the beta release. This blog takes a look at two of those examples and several features that improve programmability and performance.

DirectX 12® & Vulkan™ Presentation Available

If you missed GDC Europe, you can still take a look at one of some of the content you missed. The “DX12 & Vulkan: Dawn of a new generation of Graphics APIs" deck is now available online.

A Closer Look at AMD's High Bandwidth Memory

AMD’s High Bandwidth Memory stacks memory on the same chip as the CPU or GPU, instead of putting the memory off-chip. Electronic Design’s Bill Wong recently talked with AMD Senior Fellow Bryan Black about HBM. Who benefits the most and is the market ready for HBM? Find out in this Q&A interview.


AMD Asynchronous Shaders Demo


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Leverage the Speed of OpenCL™ with AMD Math Libraries
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ACMLScript: Adjusting Heuristics (Part 3 of 3)
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