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CodeXL 1.5 Released
The latest update includes extended call-stack analysis, support for DirectCompute shaders for DX11.1 and 11.2, a new command line tool, support for new OpenGL object types, and more! Get the details  in this blog post.


Java 8 Webinar


You’re Invited! An Intro to Rapid Development of Multimedia Applications Webinar
Join us for our next webinar on Wednesday, Oct. 22. AMD Media SDK Software Architect Mikhail Mironov will show you how to use a new set of C++ interfaces for development of video conferencing, wireless display, and more. Get the details and register here.




ACML Script – A Three Part Video Tutorial Series
This video series introduces ACMLScript, demonstrating how to modify the load balancing behavior of ACML at runtime with an embedded scripting language, plus more. View the series here: Part I, Part II or Part III.


GPUPerf Studio


GPU PerfStudio V3.0 Now Available
The latest version of this performance analysis and debugging tool from AMD includes support for LINUX and OpenGL 4.3, games, and more. Download it here.    




GPUPerfAPI 2.14 Released
This new version includes support for additional GPUs and APUs, improved memory consumption during profiling, plus much more. Learn more and download it here.


Java 8 Webinar Replay


Watch the Replay – An Intro to OpenCL™
See what hundreds of developers have learned as Acceleware’s Chris Mason walks you through an introduction to OpenCL™ and data-parallelism, fundamentals of GPU kernels, OpenCL™ syntax, and more.  Watch this on-demand webinar here.

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