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Mantle SDK


Mantle NDA Developer SDK Now Open
Want to start working with Mantle? Access to the Mantle NDA developer SDK is subject to a selection process. Register your interest with the requested information here.


OpenCL Programming Webinar


Join us on Wednesday for an OpenCL™ Programming Webinar
Register today for our Webinar with ArrayFire COO Oded Green on May 14 as he demonstrates best practices to help you quickly get started with OpenCL™ programming. Learn how to get the best performance from AMD hardware in various programming languages using ArrayFire. Learn more and register here.




What is ACML Script?
ACML 6 is introducing a scripting language into the library for the first time.  It is named ‘ACMLScript’, but it is currently based entirely on the Lua scripting language. Get all the details in this new blog post.


Ambidextrous Computing Roadmap


AMD Unveils Ambidextrous Computing Roadmap
AMD recently announced a roadmap of near- and mid-term computing solutions that harness the best characteristics of both the x86 and ARM® ecosystems.  The roadmap includes a new family of 20 nanometer APUs and SoCs, and a new high-performance, low-power ARM-based core. Read more from AMD here, and from around the web at: AnandTech, Ubergizmo, PCMag, ComputerWorld, Tech2, ExtremeTech, and PCWorld.


Media SDK


What's The Difference Between AMD's Mantle and Media SDK?
Mantle and the AMD Media SDK are two AMD technologies that support HSA and AMD’s APU’s  which is  changing the way programmers deal with applications that span the CPU, GPU & APU, but they target different multimedia areas. Learn more in this Electronic Design article by William Wong.


HSA Foundation Logo


HSA Architecture and Algorithms Tutorial
Experts from member companies of the HSA Foundation describe the Heterogeneous Systems Architecture and how it addresses the challenges of modern computing devices. In addition, they show example applications and use cases that can benefit from the features of HSA. Learn more.


Youtube Channel


Developers, we’ve got a new channel just for you!
We're kicking off the launch of our new YouTube channel with selections from our recent AMD Developer Summit, including “Inside PlayStation 4” with Dominic Mallinson, VP Research & Development, Sony Computer Entertainment America. Stop by and check it out. Subscribe and look for new, exclusive content in the coming weeks!


Embedded Vision Summit


Computer Vision Powered by Heterogeneous System Architecture
Join Harris Gasparakis at the Embedded Vision Summit on May 29 as he reviews the HSA vision and its current incarnation though OpenCL™ 2.0, and discusses its relevance and advantages for Computer Vision applications. Learn more.




Proof-of-Concept WebCL Chrome Browser
Rob Farber from TechEnablement takes a look at AMD’s work on implementing WebCL inside a Chrome browser to enable web programmer’s access to OpenCL™ acceleration plus WebCL and WebGL interoperability. Find out more here.

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