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Chrome web Browser with WebCL™ now Available for Download
WebCL™ 1.0, soon to be published by the Khronos group, is a JavaScript API providing access to OpenCL™ acceleration, a sibling to the now quite popular WebGL™ API. AMD has been working on implementing WebCL™ inside a Chrome browser, enabling web programmer access to compute acceleration, including interop between WebCL™ and WebGL™.The project is hosted at GitHub here, where you can get the source code, build instructions, pre-built binaries and links to demos. For a closer look, check out this YouTube video of Superconductor demos running in the Chrome WebCL™ browser.




AMD at GDC14 Next Week
AMD Engineers demonstrating AMD technology will be at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco March 17-21. Join these experts as they provide tips on how developers can improve CPU and GPU performance, discuss technologies to help developers enhance rendering, speed and performance, and some of the latest in video development, Mantle, shaders, TressFX, gaming development and heterogeneous computing. Learn more.


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Tutorial : Fine Grained Control of Video Processing in Win 8 Store Apps
Video Quality MFT allows developers fine grained control of video processing in their applications. This tutorial provides an overview of the Video Quality MFT and shows the steps in integrating it in a Windows 8 Store Application. Watch it here on YouTube.




The Heterogeneous System Architecture: It's (Not) All About The GPU
Over the years, the use of GPUs in computation intensive tasks has had an ever increasing impact across all platforms. At the same time, GPUs have several properties that make it a challenge to unlock their full benefit in many real-world applications. The Heterogeneous System Architecture was created by the HSA Foundation to address many of these current shortcomings while providing a great update for already established software models. Learn more in this keynote presented at the GPGPU 7 by Paul Blinzer, chairperson of the System Architecture Workgroup of the HSA Foundation.


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Surround Computing Is About to Change Our Lives
After 40 years of microprocessor improvement, an even more fundamental advance is underway, with enormous implications for how we will live. Read more from Mark Papermaster, AMD senior vice president and chief technology officer, in this article on Techonomy.


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Tutorial : Using the AMF-DEM Library in Latency Sensitive Apps
The AMF-DEM library allows developers to capture the desktop and encode it in one step. This tutorial provides an overview of the AMF-DEM library and walks through the steps required in integrating the library in an application. Watch it here on YouTube.   


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Heterogeneous Compute Technology Featuring – You!
Are you presenting at the upcoming GDC14 or another developer conference? Let us know and we might just feature your heterogeneous computing work here where you can share it with 44,000+ of your colleagues instantly. Email your information to us at hcnewsflash@amd.com

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