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Is it real or is it rendered?
Rendering goes from fine to Photorealistic. What’s better? Open source, open standards and cross platform. See what the buzz is about with FireRays.

HSA LLDB Release
The HSA Foundation, along with Codeplay, has released a new open source debugger for HSA software using AMD GPUs. It’s based on the LLDB debugger from the LLVM foundation, and is part of the GPUOpen initiative.

CodeXL 2.1 Released
CodeXL now supports capturing a trace of Vulkan™ frames for games and apps running on Microsoft Windows®. It also now displays the details and content of OpenGL® and OpenCL™ objects while debugging C++ host code on Linux®. There’s a ton more goodness in this release. Check it out.

Turbocharge Your Graphics and GPU Compute Applications with GPUPerfAPI
When it comes to performance tuning an application running on the GPU, pinpointing the exact cause of a bottleneck can be quite helpful. Why not let the hardware help you with this task?

HSA 1.1 Spec Released; Includes Multi-Vendor Architecture Support
The new specification is the first to define the interfaces that enable IP blocks from different vendors to communicate, interoperate and collectively compose an HSA system.


Radeon Software Crimson Edition 16.6.1 is here with support for Mirror's Edge Catalyst™ and Paragon™ as well as a new AMD Crossfire profile available for Dark Souls III™. Learn more here


San Jose, California,
June 28-30, 2016

Anaheim, California,
July 24-28, 2016

GDC Europe 2016
Cologne, Germany,
August 15-16, 2016

Hot Chips
Cupertino, CA
August 21-23, 2016



OpenCL Crash Course with StreamComputing, June 2016

OpenCL Training in Munich with Acceleware, Sept. 2016

OpenCL Training in Calgary with Acceleware, Dec. 2016

Software Development Engineer OpenGL
Sunnyvale, CA

GPU Driver Software Engineer
Boxborough, Massachusetts

What’s New, HSA?
StreamComputing’s Vincent Hindriksen gives you an overview of what Heterogeneous Systems Architecture (HSA) does, and talks about what has changed lately.

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It's Time to ROC
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Using VR to treat PTSD
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What’s new in the HSA Foundation’s Recent 1.1 Spec Release?
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