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ACML 6.0 GA is Here
After approximately two months as a beta product, ACML 6 has been released as a production SDK. Features include the ability to offload significant computation to OpenCL™ devices without users having to change their source code.Find out what else is new here.


GPUPerfAPI Updates


GPUPerfAPI Updates
The latest GPUPerfAPI, released in April, has an update. If you haven’t checked out version 2.13 yet, it includes support for latest APU/GPU devices, OpenGL ComputeShader counters, and other improvements. Learn more and download it here.


AMD Gaming Evolved


AMD & Microsoft Game Developer Day
More than 120 developers from across Europe attended the AMD & Microsoft Game Developer day in Stockholm, Sweden in June, and enjoyed a a wide range of topics relevant to graphics programmers on PC and XBox One. If you weren’t able to make it, view the conference presentations here.


CodeXL for Game Developers


CodeXL for Game Developers
Find out how you can analyze your HLSL shader performance for Graphics Core Next (GCN) architectures using the recently release CodeXL 1.4 in this blog post by AMD Developer Technology Engineer Jason Stewart.


HSA Tutorial at ISCA 2014


HSA Tutorial at ISCA 2014
Attendees enjoyed robust discussions around compiler optimization, coherency, queue mechanics, multi-node server configs and more while participating in the HSA Foundation’s full day tutorial recently at ISCA 2014. Learn more and view the presentations here.


HSA Foundation Logo


Provisional 1.0 Approval of HSA Platform System Architecture Spec
The HSA Foundation Board of Directors recently voted to grant Provisional 1.0 approval of the HSA Platform System Architecture Specification. This represents prodigious progress in the development of a new standard for the advancement of heterogeneous computing. Learn more here.


Youtube Channel


Attention, Developers! A YouTube Just for You!
We're kicking off the launch of our new YouTube channel with a tutorial on How to set up ACML 6! Check it out and subscribe to stay up to date on the latest content from Developer Central on YouTube.  


Computer Vision


Computer Vision Powered by Heterogeneous System Architecture (HSA)
The rise of GPUs – do we still need CPUs? Find out what AMD’s Dr. Harris Gasparakis has to say about computer vision powered by HSA in this presentation from the 2014 Embedded Vision Alliance Summit.

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