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Java 8 Webinar


You’re Invited! What’s coming with Java 8?
Join us for a Webinar on August 20 with one of our key partners, Develop Intelligence. We will look at how the new and updated features of Java 8 can positively impact your day-to-day development efforts. This is an opportunity to hear about upcoming features like Lambda Expressions, Java Date-Time Packages, and IO and NIO. Learn more by registering for the Webinar here.




OpenGL Techniques to Deliver High Performance
OpenGL is an important vehicle with which to expose new and exciting features of modern GPUs. Through the use of its advanced techniques, it can deliver extremely high performance. The features discussed in this blog post from Graham Sellers, and many more like them, are available right now. Graham is the architect for AMD OpenGL drivers and the author of several OpenGL books. Learn more.




Bolt v1.2 GA Now Available
The latest update to the Bolt template library, v1.2, is now available. Learn about the latest features, including C++ AMP, OpenCL, MultiCore and serial path for all routines plus much more, and download it here. The source to Bolt is now available on GitHub, the open source social programming platform.


AMDKFD Driver - HSA in Open Source for Radeon


AMDKFD Driver Evolving For Open-Source HSA On Linux
In this Phoronix article, Michael Larabel takes a look at the recently published AMD open-source Linux HSA Kernel driver, now known as the "AMDKFD." This patch-set for the Linux kernel finally implements HSA in open-source for Radeon-family GPUs. Read the full article here.


Heterogeneous Computing for Vision Processing


Product Demo of Heterogeneous Computing for Vision Processing
Check out this video demo from the 2014 Embedded Vision Alliance Summit where AMD’s Dr. Harris Gasparakis discusses OpenCV and demonstrates gesture control and Heterogeneous Computing for Vision Processing.




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