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A Defining Moment for Heterogeneous Computing
Introducing the AMD Boltzmann initiative. This is a suite of software tools designed to dramatically reduce barriers to GPU computing on AMD FirePro™ graphics. The tools include a new heterogeneous compute compiler for C++ programming, a Linux® driver, and the HIP tool that ports CUDA runtime APIs into C++.

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Didn't get a chance to join us for our wildly popular webinar, "Blowing the Doors off of Bottlenecks with Python on AMD APUs?" Not to worry. Catch the replay and see what other developers learned from Dr. Stanley Seibert from Continuum Analytics, the creators of the Numba project.

SouthWest VR is now VR World Congress. Held in Bristol, UK, April 12, 2016, this is your chance to connect with the brightest minds in the VR industry and learn about the present and future of virtual reality. Speakers will include a keynote from AMD and representatives from nDreams, Frontier Developments, Lloyd Digital and Opposable VR, with more to be announced soon. Don't miss it.

Heterogeneous System Architecture, 1st Edition is a newly published book that provides clear and concise explanations of key HSA concepts. It includes an in-depth perspective on runtime, memory model, queuing, context switching, the architected queuing language, simulators, and tool chains. It also provides real world examples that demonstrate how HSA can deliver significantly higher performance. Contributing authors are HSA Foundation members and experts from both academia and industry.


Have a newbie question about OpenCL communication management on an APU? Check your understanding in this thread at the DevGurus forums.


CES 2016
Las Vegas, NV
Jan. 6-9, 2016

IWOCL 2016
Vienna, Austria,
April 19-21, 2016

VR World
Bristol, UK
April 12, 2016

GDC 2016
San Francisco, CA
Mar 14-18, 2016



Webinar Replay:Blowing the doors off bottlenecks with Python on AMD APUs

OpenCL Training in Munich with Acceleware

(Free) OpenCL training with StreamComputing

Edinburg Napier University OpenCL™ courses

On-Demand Webinars & Tutorials – From AMD Developer Central

Visit AMD's Training Partners for more training options or to schedule a customized training session

System Software Applications Engineer
Austin, Texas

Sr. Software Engineer
Santa Clara, CA

OpenGL SuperBible, Seventh Edition
Looking for a comprehensive programmer's guide, tutorial, and reference for OpenGL 4.5? This revised edition clearly explains OpenGL's newest APIs, key extensions, shaders, essential, related concepts, plus much more.

AMD has joined the Immersive Technology Alliance, bringing the VR Council to ITA. Daryl Sartain, AMD director of Virtual Reality, has been named as the first VR Council chair. The VR Council will be a representative division for virtual reality in the ITA. All qualified technology makers, content makers, and academic institutions are welcome and invited to join the alliance and the new ITA VR Council. Other new members include InMediaStudio, AWE Company and Droiders.

An Underwater VR Experience – The Lonely Whale
AMD partnered with Dell, 3D Live, Alienware, HTC technology and Dell's Social Good Advocate, Adrian Grenier, to create a new virtual reality experience to reveal our impact on an ancient form of life. AMD FirePro™ W9100 graphics provided 3D Live with professional- grade speed and performance to efficiently work through complex workflows for modeling and building an immersive experience.

Convert your CUDA code to C++ using AMD's new Heterogeneous-compute Interface for Portability tool. Download the AMD Project Boltzmann datasheet to learn more.

The Story and Tech behind Adrian Grenier's Virtual Reality Experience
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Immersed 2015 Keynote: The Tipping Point of VR
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Introducing: Radeon Software Crimson Edition
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