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AMD APP SDK 3.0 GA is Here
The latest release supports OpenCL™ 2.0 plus adds support for Windows® 10 as well as Carrizo, Fiji and FirePro™ W8100 and W9100 series graphics cards. OpenCL 2.0 provides several improvements to the programming model that make it much easier to tap into the potential of AMD’s latest GPUs.  Find out more and try it out here.

CodeXL 1.8 Available for Download
This summer’s release of CodeXL is loaded with new features in every component. Some of those goodies include an HSA profiler, power profiling discrete GPUs, offline build and analysis of OpenGL® shaders, CPU Profiling for the “Carrizo” APU and lots more. Get the details in this new blog post then download version 1.8 here.

Introducing . . . AMD Compute Libraries
ACL is a new open source solution for developers who want to accelerate performance on GPUs, APUs and CPUs using BLAS, FFT, and SPARSE matrix math. Learn more about ACL here.


Curious about how DirectGMA works? Check out the Q&A details in the AMD Developer Community.

VMWorld USA, San Francisco, CA, Aug 30 – Sept 3


IFA 2015, Berlin, Germany, Sept 4-9, 2015


IEEE 2015, Atlanta, GA, Oct 4-6, 2015


JavaOne, San Francisco, CA, Oct 25-29


LLVM Developers’ Meeting, San Jose, CA, Oct 29-30, 2015



OpenCL™ 2.0 training in Amsterdam from StreamComputing, Sept. 2, 2015


OpenCL™ Training  in Baltimore, MD, with Acceleware, Sept. 22, 2015


Edinburg Napier University OpenCL™ courses


On-Demand Webinars & Tutorials – From AMD Developer Central


Visit AMD’s Training Partners for more training options or to schedule a customized training session



Senior Software Engineer, Austin, TX

Co-Op Engineer, Orlando, FL


New Version of AMD GPU Services Library Just Released
Version 3.0 of AGS adds support for new DirectX11 driver extensions, a UAV overlap extension and Multi-Draw Indirect, among other features. Get the full scoop and download it here.

Accelerating Performance. How does the ACL clFFT Library Stack Up?
It has been exciting times in the math libraries group here at AMD. We recently released ACL Beta1 and a new open-source clSparse library. To keep the excitement going, let’s talk a little bit about the performance of our clFFT library.

FireRays SDK 1.0 Available
The FireRays SDK is a high efficiency, high performance heterogeneous ray tracing intersection library for GPU and APU on any platform supporting OpenCL™ 1.2. FireRays exposes a well-defined C++ API for scene construction and performing asynchronous ray intersection queries. Get more technical details here, then download and try out the SDK here.


ACMLScript: Adjusting Heuristics (Part 3 of 3)


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Leverage the Speed of OpenCL™ with AMD Math Libraries
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AMD Asynchronous Shaders Demo
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