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CodeXL 1.4 Released
The latest AMD CodeXL release includes a new extension for Visual Studio, support for Volcanic Islands family GPUs, enhanced Analyze Mode and much, much more. Get the details here.




Productive OpenCL™ Programming; An Introduction to OpenCL™ Libraries
Join us for our next Webinar, where we’ll discuss  the latest advancements in the OpenCL™ ecosystem, including cutting edge OpenCL™ libraries, demonstrate best practices and show real code examples for common application domains. Space is limited so register today.




Inside PlayStation 4 – Keynote with Sony Exec Dominic Mallinson
We're kicking off the launch of our new YouTube channel with selections from our recent AMD Developer Summit, including “Inside PlayStation 4” with Dominic Mallinson, VP Research & Development, Sony Computer Entertainment America. Stop by and check it out. Subscribe and look for new, exclusive content in the coming weeks!


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ACML 6.0 Beta Released - Supports Heterogeneous Compute
ACML 6.0 Beta is now available. It leverages the efforts of the Open Source clMath libraries projects on the back end to provide heterogeneous acceleration, and introduces the common FFTW3 API’s to its supported set of interfaces. Find out what else is new in this blog post.


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MediaTek Executive Dr. Chien-Ping Lu Offers Unique Look at State of Heterogeneous Computing
Dr. Chien-Ping Lu, who holds a PhD in Computer Science from Yale and spent nearly a decade at Nvidia as an architecture manager, recently spoke with VR Zone about heterogeneous computing and where HSA is going.
Learn more.




Analyst Calls AMD’s Transformation a “Rise from the Ashes”
Kevin Krewell, Principal Analyst at Tirias Research, examines AMD's latest transformation under the leadership of Rory Reed following a recent industry analyst meeting. Learn more.




Easy OpenCL™ with Python - Introducing PyOpenCL
Learn how to easily use OpenCL™ and test it from the Python console in this Dr. Dobbs article by Gaston Hillar. And for more about OpenCL™ and Python, check out this post where Anton Lokhmotov introduces PyOpenCL to software engineers already familiar with OpenCL™.


MaximumPC Issue


April Issue of Maximum PC Explores significance of Kaveri
In this month’s issue of Maximum PC, editors walk you through the significance of Kaveri and put this budget APU through the paces. Check it out. (purchase required)


CL-GL Paper


Evaluating the Performance and Efficiency of the OpenCL-OpenGL(CL-GL) Interoperability Mode
In this paper, authors David Kaeli, Yash Ukidave and Xiang Gong from Northeastern University explore different methods to improve the execution performance of CL-GL interop-based applications. (Fee required)

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