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OpenCL 2.0


OpenCL™ 2.0: Device Enqueue and Workgroup Built-in Functions
OpenCL 2.0 allows kernels to add new work to device-side queues directly, without returning control to the CPU. It also provides a new construct, “clang blocks,” and new built-in functions that allow a parent kernel to queue child kernels. Get a sneak peek and learn more about this important new OpenCL 2.0 capability in our latest blog post.


Webinars For Developers


Leverage the Speed of OpenCL™ with AMD Math Libraries
AMD's math libraries can support a range of programmers from hobbyists to ninja programmers. In this webinar, Kent Knox from AMD's library team introduces you to OpenCL libraries for linear algebra, FFT, and BLAS, and shows you how to leverage the speed of OpenCL through the use of these libraries.




DOPP SDK Available for Download
Need to grab and modify the OS desktop image, or perform display output post-processing of any kind? Learn how AMD makes it simpler and faster in this blog post.




ACML 6.1 Released – Accelerates Your Existing Code
The AMD Core Math Library transparently dispatches appropriate tasks to a GPU if it is available, with no additional code development on your part. Find out how the latest ACML 6.1 release helps you accelerate your code, and how it can make your coding life easier in this blog post.  


Reference Guide


Compiler Options Quick Reference Guide for AMD A10, A8, A6 7000 Series APUs Available
Check out a quick cheat-sheet of the command line switches you can use to optimize your code for AMD hardware using any of several compilers (like Visual Studio and gcc). View or download the guide here.


Kronos Group


Khronos™ Group Ratifies & Releases updated OpenCL™ 2.0 and Provisional SYCL™ 1.2 Specs
The new specifications integrate feedback from the developer community, align with the latest C++ developments, and increase implementation consistency for improved portability of heterogeneous parallel applications. Learn more here.

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