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Are You Ready? Just a few days left to register for APU13!
The AMD Developer Summit is just days away. Have you registered yet? Don’t miss your opportunity to see exclusive hands-on technology demonstrations in the Experience Hub, gain insights into disruptive technologies, or participate in any of the more than 150 breakout sessions covering heterogeneous computing, Web technologies, gaming, multimedia processing, programming languages, and more. Join us for the full conference, or choose a one-day pass. Register Now.




Preview Newest Versions of APP SDK, CodeXL and Bolt
Preview the new APP SDK 2.9, CodeXL 1.3 and Bolt tools early! These tools provide a substantial step forward in productivity and ease of use. Here’s the scoop on some of what you will find in the previews: For APP SDK, we’ve added samples for open source libraries to make it simple to add acceleration to your application, support for CMake and improved OpenCL™ source editing in visual studio. For Code XL, we’ve incorporated static kernel analysis capabilities plus much more. Learn more here.



Transforming the world of game development with Mantle
Cloud Imperium Games; Eidos-Montréal™, a part of the Square Enix® Group; and Oxide Games are the latest game developers to join AMD in optimizing the way PC games are developed to extract maximum performance from a modern graphics architecture using AMD’s revolutionary Mantle graphics API.  Find out more here or register now for APU13 where you can interact with experts who will be discussing this very technology. View the full list of scheduled sessions here (click on the “Sessions” tab).



What Don’t You Know about Heterogeneous System Architecture?
I’ve always been one to ask a lot of questions. My role as an industry analyst gives me unending opportunities to put speakers at industry conferences on the spot; if you go to any of these events, you’ve probably seen me rushing toward the microphone at the start of the Q and A period. When AMD asked me if I would be interested in posing a series of questions about HSA to their technology gurus, I jumped at the opportunity. The results of my exchanges with these HSA architects have just been posted at Developer.AMD.com in a white paper titled “Everything You Always Wanted to Know about HSA (But Were Afraid To Ask).” If the only thing you know about HSA is that it’s a three letter acronym, this paper will get you up to speed in a hurry. It can also be helpful if you’ve heard about HSA, but are unsure whether it’s a good fit for your applications. I’ve presented the information in an easily digestible manner, broken down into 24 questions, and no answer takes more than three paragraphs.

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AMD And The HSA Foundation Are Unleashing The Power Of The GPU
A recent guest post on Seeking Alpha’s website discusses the significance of AMD’S Heterogeneous Systems Architecture and explains the importance of this elegant breakthrough as it relates to the next era of computing. Read the full article here.

Maximizing Performancd on AMD's Radeon Cards - Meetup - GPU/CPU


Let’s MEETUP – Maximizing Performance on AMD's Radeon Cards
If you are in the Toronto area, join the GPU Programming in Toronto Meetup group on Thursday, Nov. 7, from 7-9 pm. There will be an outline of the HD7970 AMD GPU architecture, discussions on using CodeXL to tune kernels and tips on how to achieve maximum performance. Visit the Meetup group to join, attend this meeting or learn more.

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 Training  Date  Location
OpenCL™ Programming Course by AccelerEyes December 4-5, 2013 New York, NY

Don’t miss some of the last OpenCL™ training sessions of the year!

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Want to know more how the DisplayMapConfig_Set works to reassign displays? Check out the discussion in the FirePro Development thread on the AMD Developer forums.

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