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AMD clMath partner AccelerEyes releases ArrayFire v2.0 with OpenCL™ support
Congratulations to the AccelerEyes team for this big step for open development. ArrayFire v2.0 delivers nearly seamless interoperability with the previous versions, and provides support for image and signal processing, data analysis and much more. Learn more in this blog post.



SemiAccurate Interviews Amit Mookerjee on AMD’s Media SDK
Thomas Ryan of SemiAccurate sat down with AMD’s Amit Mookerjee to discuss the new Media SDK Beta release. Find out why developers no longer have to use C++ AMP to do GPU accelerated video processing, plus much more, in the interview here.

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Kaveri is Here!
AMD’s most powerful APUs ever, the AMD A10 7850K and 7700K (codenamed “Kaveri”), are now shipping. Kaveri is the world’s first APU to include Heterogeneous System Architecture (HSA) features, the immersive sound of AMD TrueAudio Technology and the performance gaming experiences of Mantle API.  Learn more.  



AMD and BlueStacks Bring Android Experience to Windows
AMD and BlueStacks are collaborating to bring the complete Google™ Android OS experience to Microsoft® Windows- based tablets, 2-in-1s, notebooks and desktops to give users a more flexible experience. Read more here and here or watch this video of Bluestacks SVP Apu Kumar at APU13.

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Suggest Features you want in AMD APP
Are there new features that you’d like to see in the next implementation of OpenCL? Stop by the OpenCL™ area on the AMD Developer forum and add your suggestions.  We can’t guarantee that every request will be fulfilled but we want to hear your input!

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