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Media SDK


Media SDKv1.0 Release is Here
The production release of the first AMD Multimedia SDKv1.0 is now available. Download it here or read more about this exciting new release and find out what’s next in this blog post.


AMD at GDC14


AMD Technology at GDC14
Join AMD Engineers and AMD Partners at the Game Developers Conference March 17-21 as they discuss some of the latest in video development, Mantle, shaders, TressFX, gaming development and heterogeneous computing.  Find out more about the sessions featuring AMD technology at GDC here. 


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AMD to Accelerate the ARM Server Ecosystem with the First ARM-based CPU and Development Platform from a Server Processor Vendor
AMD recently displayed a comprehensive development platform for its first 64-bit ARM®-based server CPU, fabricated using 28 nanometer process technology. Read the details here




HSA: A New Architecture for Heterogeneous Computing
How can heterogeneous system architecture enable power-efficient performance and what role will members of the HSA Foundation play in driving those solutions? Learn more in a new white paper from Tirias Research .


Geometric Shapes


A Look At High Efficiency Video CODEC and How it Pertains To AMD
H.265 is a relatively new CODEC (coder-decoder) being designed to support extensive parallel processing. In this Seeking Alpha article, Justin Jaynes takes a look at the performance advantages and possible implications of HEVC (High Efficiency Video Codec). Check it out here.


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HSA Wins 2013 Analysts’ Choice for Best Processor Technology
The Linley Group’s Annual Analysts’ Choice awards recognize excellence in processor design and innovation as well as products that their analysts believe will have a great market impact. The HSA Foundation won the “Best Processor Technology: Heterogeneous System Architecture (HSA). Read the full article here


Video & the Media SDK


Video Processing with AMD’s new Media SDK
More than just codecs, find out how the new AMD Media SDK can add to your video work flow in this blog post.  


Spotlight On You


Heterogeneous Compute Technology Featuring – You!
Are you presenting at the upcoming GDC14 or another heterogeneous computing conference? Let us know and we might just feature your work here where you can share it with 44,000+ of your colleagues instantly. Email you information to us at hcnewsflash@amd.com

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