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OpenCL™ 2.0 Is Here. Download APP SDK 3.0 Beta
This release contains a complete set of sample code that shows you how to use each of the major new features of OpenCL 2.0. Learn more and download the files here.


CodeXL 1.6


CodeXL 1.6 Supports OpenCL 2.0!
The latest release includes support for C++ inline functions, a brand new power profiler, and now provides the tools to develop OpenCL 2.0 applications. Learn more in the blog.


OpenCL 2.0


OpenCL 2.0: Generic Address Space and Program-Scope Variables
OpenCL 2.0 introduces a new generic address space, and allows you to declare variables in the global address space at program scope. Learn how to take advantage of these features and more in our latest blog post in our "OpenCL2.0 Demystified" series.


GPU PerfStudio


GPU PerfStudio 3.1 GA
Optimize your shader code with PerfStudio 3.1! The latest release includes a new GPU ShaderAnalyzer for GCN, profiler support for D3D11_QUERY, new counters, support for OpenGL 4.4 and more. Get it here.




Bolt 1.3 GA
The latest Bolt C++ template library release includes performance optimizations of key routines, support for OpenCL CPU device command queue, and more. Get the details here.


HSA Foundation


HSA Intermediate Language (HSAIL) Runtime for Linux on AMD 7000 series APUs Released
This package includes the user-mode API interfaces and libraries necessary for host applications to launch compute kernels to available HSA components. Learn more and get the binaries here.


AMD Catalyst™ Omega Driver


Welcome to the new AMD Catalyst™ Omega driver
Check out a series of videos discussing AMD's new Catalyst™ Omega driver:

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Want a simple random number generator for OpenCL? Explore several ideas from users on this thread in the AMD Developer Central forum.

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