Dr. Guoping Long, Assistant Professor at Institude of Software, CAS

Dr. Long is a pioneer in hc with his leadership role in the OpenCV-OpenCL project and his translation of the Introduction to OpenCLâ„¢ Programming textbook in to Chinese. He says, "I am wrapping up my one-year visit here at the Archlab of computer science department, UCSB. Next I will go back to China to continue my work at ISCAS. My major technical interests are computer architecture and parallelization techniques of various applications. One important on-going project of our team since 2010 is an optimized OpenCL™ version of the OpenCV library..."Read More

OpenCV now has OpenCL in its Mainline Tree
As part of the heterogeneous ecosystem, AMD initiated a joint project with ISCAS to accelerate the OpenCV library with OpenCL. We are happy to announce that now dozens of functions are utilizing OpenCL, and the code has been accepted back to the official mainline tree!

Calling all Graphics Developers: GPU PerfStudio v2.10 is out!
GPU PerfStudio integrates four tools that are key for the contemporary graphics developer: A Frame Debugger, a Frame Profiler, a Shader Debugger and an API Trace window with integrated CPU timing information. The new version has several improvements and enhancements and support for more game titles. Download it today!

What's all the buzz about HSA?
HSA is the Heterogeneous Systems Architecture and it is going to provide key benefits to your existing OpenCL applications without the need to re-write any code. What if you don't program in OpenCL? We got you covered with HSAIL (a cross platform virtual ISA) and the HSA foundation. Read the details in Mark Ireton's Blog.

OpenCL Spec Translated to Chinese
Thanks to the efforts of one of the Kronos community members, the OpenCL spec is now available in Chinese! Many thanks niqingliang2003!

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OpenCL Programming Webinar Series Date Time
Graphics Core Next Architecture Overview August 14, 2012 10:00AM Pacific Time
Performance Evaluation of AMD APARAPI Using Real World Applications August 21, 2012 9:30AM Pacific Time
Overview of HSAIL - the basis for implementing an HSA platform agnostic open-source OpenCL runtime August 28, 2012 10:00AM Pacific Time
 Conferences  Date  Location
Siggraph 2012- AMD Session on FirePro Advanced 3D Graphic and Compute Features August 5-9, 2012 Los Angeles, CA
"Travelling in Style" C++ AMP Programming Contest Enter by August 31, 2012 Hosted by Beyod3D
PBS User Group Conference - HPC Event October 2-3,2012 San Jose, CA
 Training  Date  Location
OpenCL Programming Course by Acceleware (Use promotional code AXAMD2012 to save $350 off your course fee!) August, 21-24 Houston, TX
OpenCL Programming Course by Acceleware (Use promotional code AXAMD2012 to save $350 off your course fee!) Sepetember 11-14 Los Angeles, CA
OpenCL Programming Course by Acceleware (Use promotional code AXAMD2012 to save $350 off your course fee!) October 16-19 Calgary, AB
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To set up an efficient implementation using dot_persist_kernel, the user must define the desired number of work groups explicitly. The work groups should "fill the machine": that is, they should use all of the available processor resources. The selected number of work groups forces the OpenCL runtime to schedule kernels that persist ("persistent threads") until the kernels complete their total work load. Learn how

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