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» Introducing OpenCL™ Debugger on Linux with a new standalone GUI.  Download gDEBugger 6.2 Now!
» We Need Your Help!
» OpenCL™ Programming Webinar Series Lineup
» Just Released: APPML clAmdBlas v1.7 beta
» Just Released: AMD APP KernelAnalyzer v1.11
» Just Released: GPU Shader Analyzer v1.59
» Just Released: CodeAnalyst for Windows® v3.6
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Introducing OpenCL™ Debugger on Linux with a new standalone GUI.  Download gDEBugger 6.2 Now!


We are pleased to announce the availability of a new and improved gDEBugger!  gDEBugger 6.2 brings Linux support for the first time and also a new standalone user interface for better ease of use and navigation.  To learn more, read this blog post or join us for a webinar on Advanced OpenCL debugging techniques. 
Visit the product page to get more details and download a copy.  Send us your comments through our forums.

We Need Your Help!

We are working to make AMD Developer Central better meet your needs and your input is crucial to this effort.  We would appreciate your taking a moment to complete this very brief survey.   Qualifying submitters will be entered into a random number drawing for a chance to win a Radeon HD 6970 graphics card.   (To enter the drawing, you must be 18 or over, and living in the US or Canada - excluding Quebec.)

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OpenCL Programming Webinar Series Line Up

Get trained by OpenCL™ and heterogeneous compute experts on the latest technology advances, standards and best practices for heterogeneous compute.  Don't miss these upcoming webinars:
  1. May 1st, 10AM Pacific Time: Accelerate Rendering by an Order of Magnitude with OpenCL, Plus a View to the Multi-core and Web-enabled Future
  2. May 9th, 9AM Pacific Time: Advanced OpenCL Debugging with AMD gDEBugger
  3. May 22nd, 11AM Pacific Time: Heterogeneous Compute Features of AMD CodeAnalyst Performance Profiler

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Just Released: APPML clAmdBlas v1.7 beta  

This beta contains the complete set of BLAS Level 2 and 3 functions and is the version that should be used with the clMAGMA beta.  A beta version of OpenCL MAGMA is now available from The Innovative Computing Lab at The University of Tennessee, Knoxville. The beta supports LU, QR and Cholesky factorizations on Linux.

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Just Released: AMD APP KernelAnalyzer v1.11

AMD APP KernelAnalyzer is a static analysis tool to compile, analyze and disassemble OpenCL for AMD Radeon GPUs.  The newest version supports Catalyst drivers 12.1-12.4 and supports the AMD APP SDK 2.7.

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Just Released: GPU Shader Analyzer v1.59

GPU ShaderAnalyzer is a tool for analyzing the performance of pixel, vertex, geometry, hull, domain and compute shaders for ATI Radeon™ graphics cards.  The new version supports Catalyst driver 12.1-12.4.

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Just Released: AMD CodeAnalyst for Windows v3.6

AMD CodeAnalyst Performance Analyzer for Windows is a suite of powerful tools that help developers optimize software performance with parallel computing analysis, OpenCL analysis and system wide profiling.  The new version will run as a 64-bit application on a Windows 64-bit OS.  There is support for Microsoft Windows 8 Beta and the Module tab rendering and view switching for large Java profile has been optimized.  

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News and Reviews

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