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In this issue:
» HC Visionary Spotlight: Victor Oliveira, Grad Student at University of Campinas (Brazil)
» Unlock OpenCL 1.2 Features with New Beta Drivers Now Available
» Upcoming Webinars:  Guest Speaker Rob Farber Presents an Range of OpenCL Topics
» We're Bringing GDC 2012 to You - Session Slides are Online
» OpenCL Jobs Increase by 98%
» AMD Display Library (ADL) SDK v3.0 now available
» Join the Conversation: Maximum number of GPUs?
» News and Reviews
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HC Visionary Spotlight: Victor Oliveira, Grad Student at University of Campinas (Brazil)



We interviewed Victor Oliveiro, a grad student who started out studying robotics as an undergrad and realized that what he really liked was the software. He naturally got into computer vision and image processing and began speeding up the python code in his lab by changing it to C++.  Then speeding it more by threading it, and then even more by offloading work to the GPU! He has contributed to GIMP and GLEG and plans to do a thesis around his work with image processing and heterogeneous computing. In his interview he gives a tip on how to recognize if an algorithm is a good candidate for heterogeneous computing.

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Unlock OpenCL 1.2 Features with New Beta Drivers Now Available

We offered a preview of the OpenCL 1.2 implementation back in Decemeber, and now we have beta drivers that contain a complete implementation of OpenCL 1.2. The new capabilities of OpenCL 1.2 are too numerous to mention here, so be sure to read Mark Ireton's Welcome to OpenCL 1.2 blog for details. Or go straight to the AMD APP SDK Download page and get the drivers today.


Upcoming Webinars:  Guest Speaker Rob Farber presents an OpenCL Series

Rob Farber is a well knows author of HC articles including the 9 series OpenCL articles he published on the CodeProject. We are excited to announce that he will be joining the OpenCL Programming Webinar Series as a guest speaker for 3 of our up coming webinars. Don't miss his talk about Portable Parallelism, How to Coordinate OpenCL Computations on one or more Heterogeneous Devices, and Accelerate Rendering by an Order of Magnitude with OpenCL plus a view to the multi-core and web-enabled future.

  1. April 10th, 10AM Pacific Time: Introducing Portable Parallelism
  2. April 24th, 10AM Pacific Time: Coordinating OpenCL Computations on Multiple HC Devices 
  3. May 1st, 10AM Pacific Time: Accelerate Rendering by an Order of Magnitude with OpenCL, Plus a View to the Multi-core and Web-enabled Future

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We're bringing GDC 2012 to you - session slides are online

Get to know the technology behind AMD’s “Leo Demo”, learn how to enhance graphics in Unreal Engine 3 titles using new code submissions, and learn game development optimization and debugging techniques using AMD GPUPerfstudio2 and more.

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OpenCL Jobs increase by 98%

According to OpenCL jobs have increased by 98% since July 2010 and CUDA jobs have decreased by 22%.

One example of a hiring company is AccelerEyes. Accelereyes develops and markets GPU software. The company has working relationships with contract OpenCL programmers and continues to look for more. If you have a strong background in math, stats, image/signal processing and a good understanding of C++ language, contact: jobs (at) Accelereyes (dot) com.

AMD is also hiring for engineers and engineering managers who have Heterogeneous Computing backgrounds.

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AMD Display Library (ADL) SDK v3.0 now available

Designed to access display driver functionality for ATI RadeonTM and ATI FireProTM graphics cards.

What's new?
  • All Eyefinity APIs are now public
  • ADL ATI Eyefinity SDK Whitepaper v1.0.PDF
  • Eyefinity sample code with accompanying document
  • ADLutil: source code and manual, demonstrating TimingOverride APIs

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Join the Conversation: Maximum Number of GPUs?

This thread is one of the popular topics being discussed right now.  If you haven't had a chance to check out our new developer forums, stop by and check it out. The look and feel was updated in January, but more importantly you'll notice the AMD moderators to be more responsive which is resulting in a growing community.

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News and Reviews

HPC News Wire: OpenCL Gains Ground on CUDA

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