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» Software Spotlight: AccelerEyes uses OpenCL to accelerate MATLAB® Code
» Upcoming Webinar:  Advanced OpenCL Debugging with AMD gDEBugger
» Join us at the Game Developer's Conference 2012
» 2012 OpenCL Courses from Acceleware – Early registration gets $350 off!e
» JPEG Decoding with Run-Length Encoding: A CPU and GPU Approach
» Gaming Evolved Update
» OpenCL™: The Futuer of Accelerated Application Performance is Now
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Software Spotlight: AccelerEyes uses OpenCL to accelerate MATLAB® Code



AccelerEyes now offers OpenCL versions of its GPU computing software: Jacket OpenCL accelerates MATLAB® code on GPUs and ArrayFire OpenCL is a fast library available for C++.  Jacket and ArrayFire deliver value and productivity to engineers, scientists, and analysts.  We are excited about developments at AMD and the expanding ecosystem of OpenCL.  Our GPU software libraries will provide AMD customers with a level of productivity and return on investment far beyond any other OpenCL development platform on the market.

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Upcoming Webinar:  Advanced OpenCL Debugging with AMD gDEBugger

gDEBugger offers real-time OpenCL kernel debugging, which allows developers to step into the kernel execution directly from the API call that issues it, debug inside the kernel, view all variable values across the different work groups and work items - and all this on a single computer with a single GPU.  Join this webinar to learn best practices in OpenCL debugging.

When: March 13th, 9:00AM PST

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Join us at the Game Developer's Conference 2012

Join our session on March 8th to learn about tools and techniques for game development, debugging and profiling your applications.  Also, be sure to drop by our booth to chat with our tools experts and get a demonstration of AMD GPU PerfStudio 2 and other AMD developer tools.

Exhibition Dates: March 5-9, 2012
Exhibition Location: San Francisco, CA, Moscone Convention Center
AMD Booth #914

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OpenCL Course from Acceleware - Get $350 off!

Developed in partnership with AMD, Acceleware's OpenCL course is designed for Professionals who are looking to acquire comprehensive techniques for parallel programming in OpenCL specifically tailored for AMD GPUs and APUs.
The 4 day course covers theadvanced features of the OpenCL API, debugging tools and techniques, arithmeticand memory optimizations and profiling

The 4 day course is available at the following times & locations:
  • March 27-30 in New York City, NY
  • June 26-29 in Mountain View, CA
  • September 11-14 in Los Angeles, CA
Use Promotional code AXAMDOPENCL before March 6th to receive $350 off on the New York, NY location.

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JPEG Decoding with Run-Length Encoding: A CPU and GPU Approach

In this paper we present a Run-Length Encoding (RLE) JPEG sample, which is a heterogeneous application that splits an image decompression process into two parts: one CPU-based and the other GPU-based. We will minimize the CPU->GPU data transfer rate by using a simple but effective RLE scheme. Along the way, we will explore the fastest way of performing an OpenCL CPU-GPU data transfer, along with the topics of GPU local memory utilization, instruction level parallelism, GPU register utilization and global memory utilization. As a result, this paper points to the download of the JPEG software decoder for verification and modification, as well as an example of using the OCL_EMU emulator debugger, and more.

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Tiled convolution: Fast Image Filtering Gaming Evolved Update!

Receiving a lot of praise from gamers and hitting Steam's #1 Top Seller spot within a day of its release, Alan Wake made its way to PC in February as an AMD Gaming Evolved partner with AMD Eyefinity technology support.

Also in the same month, two classic franchises returned; partners Jagged Alliance: Back in Action and Syndicate. Jagged Alliance: Back in Action combines real-time and turn-based elements into an engrossing top-down strategy action game with AMD Eyefinity support for 3X1. While Syndicate is a reimagining of the classic strategy game, now as a futuristic FPS with 4-player online co-op that combines unique, chip-enhanced, gameplay elements.

Also adding to the AMD Radeon™ line are three new graphics cards; AMD Radeon™ HD 7950, AMD Radeon™ HD 7770, and the AMD Radeon™ HD 7750.

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OpenCL™: The Future of Accelerated Application Performance is Now

The ability to perform compute-intensive tasks in parallel, using virtually any multi-core processor, opens the door for performance and functionality improvements on an unprecedented scale. If you're working with processor intensive applications in CAD, CAM, CAE, science, DCC or M&E, get ready for OpenCL to change the way you work. .

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News and Reviews

Tom's Hardware Review of AMD Radeon HD 7950

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 Shared Level-1 Instruction-Cache Performance on AMD Family 15h CPUs
 AMD OpenCL Coding Competition Recap
 Updated Tech Doc:  Bios and Kernel Developers Guide for Family 15h Models 00h-0Fh Processors

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