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» AMD Fusion12 Developer Summit Updates
» Gaming Evolved Update!
» SlotMaximizer Helps to Quickly Optimize OpenCL12 Application
» Leverage Aparapi to help Improve Financial Java Application Performance
» Now Available: CodeAnalyst v3.5 for Windows and v3.2 for Linux
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AMD Fusion12 Developer Summit Updates


The AMD Fusion12 Developer Summit (AFDS) will be held June 11-14, 2012 in Bellevue, Washington.

More than 700 technologists attended the inaugural Summit.  This year's event is set to deliver powerful keynotes, more technology tracks, and to offer you enhanced collaboration opportunities with some of the world's technology authorities. 

AFDS is your unique chance to get the most current information and actionable training on heterogeneous computing, OpenCLTM, OpenGL, Microsoft DirectCompute, and C++ AMP.

Participate in sessions across 10 tracks, view live demonstrations, and gain insights on a range of topics from heterogeneous computing to OpenCLTM to cloud computing to multimedia.

Technology Tracks
Here's the list of technology tracks scheduled for this year's AFDS.
  • Heterogeneous Computing
  • Web Technologies - Including Web, Java Flash-based Applciations
  • Cloud Computing - Servers and Data Center
  • Gaming and Consumer Graphics
  • Innovative Client Experiences
  • Multimedia Processing
  • Professional Graphics & Visual Computing
  • Programming Languages and Models
  • Programming Tools
  • Security
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Tiled convolution: Fast Image Filtering Gaming Evolved Update!

Receiving game of the year nominations and praise from critics for its performance on PC, Saints Row: The Third was a fantastic late-2011 partner with DirectX® 11 and AMD Eyefinity support. An interesting three-part blog, written for us by the developers at Volition Inc., detail the development process.

Going forward, current partnerships include Syndicate and Blacklight Retribution – the latter of which is a free to play game based on DirectX® 11 with AMD Eyefinity technology supported.

In early January the new AMD Radeon™ HD 7970 graphics card was released, making it the fastest single-GPU graphics card in the world.

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Tiled convolution: Fast Image Filtering SlotMaximizer Helps to Quickly Optimize OpenCL Applications

SlotMaximizer extension to LLVM can help you to quickly optimize OpenCL applications.  Slot Maximizer is a transformation tool that automatically tunes OpenCL kernel, helping to increase developer productivity.  Read Mark's blog to learn how to take advantage of this new tool.

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Leverage Aparapi to Help Improve Financial Java Application Performance!

In this article we will talk about how we used the Aparapi project to achieve substantial performance gains on a sample financial Java application which uses a quantitative  finance library called JQuantlib.  We will discuss details of the approach we took to - identify data parallel opportunities, implement Aparapi kernels to offload those data parallel operations to an OpenCL™ capable device, and optimize
the kernels.

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Now Available: CodeAnalyst v3.5 for Windows and CodeAnalyst v3.2 for Linux

v3.5 for Windows:
  • Cache Line Utilization
  • Data translation is made faster now with multiple threads
  • OpenCL Kernel Source Code level support
  • Improved Source & Assembly Profile display
  • Importing standalone oclt file into project session
  • PID/TID Filtering
  • Improved view Management for individual cores
  • Timeline Navigation
  • User configurable Maximum # of run lanes
  • Other enhancements and bug fixes
v3.2 For Linux:
  • Support for new Linux Distributions RHEL 5 Update 7 and RHEL 6 Update 2
  • Support to collect and report samples for Java Inline Methods with JDK 1.7+
  • CodeAnalyst was migrated to use Qt version 4.2+
  • Multiple bugs are fixed to increase the profiling experiences of Java Applications
  • Other enhancements and bug fixes
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Code Faster Recently Added to

 Drastically different compile times Mobile versus Desktop Card
 Webinar: Write Once Run Anywhere (hint: Use Aparapi!)
 New Heterogeneous Compute Tools from MulticoreWare Inc.

Upcoming Sponsored Events Upcoming Sponsored Events
  • Game Developers Conference
    March 5-9, 2012: San Francisco, CA USA
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