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» Now Available: AMD CodeAnalyst v2.9 for Windows®
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"Istanbul" Gets Kudos


The new Six-Core AMD OpteronT processor, codenamed "Istanbul," features improved I/O capability, up to 34% more performance in the same power and thermal envelopes, and a consistent socket.  But the real emphasis is on what that all means to our customers.

"I have to commend AMD on being able to bring a product to market that allows customers to leverage their existing Opteron server infrastructure rather than having to go out and buy all new servers, as it is with the Nehalem. This is a product that makes a lot more sense for the current economy where server sales have slumped by the major vendors by an average of 25 percent in in Q1 of 09 in comparison to the same quarter last year."
-Jason Perlow, ZDNet
ZDNet: AMD Istanbul: Field Upgrade Only If Your Hands are Nimble

"It is basically a "Shanghai" Opteron with 2 extra cores and a slightly tweaked memory controller. What is more impressive, though, is that AMD is capable of launching a hex-core at 2.6 GHz today, a CPU that consumes only a few watt more than the six month older quad-core at 2.7 GHz. Well done, AMD."
AnandTech: AMD's Six-Core Opteron 2435

"Two just-in reports suggest AMD has a success on its hands with its new 6-core Istanbul. Early tests are showing that the processor, which is a drop-in replacement on mobos supporting quad-core 'Shanghai' Opterons, delivers great performance while being very power-efficient."
-Alex Wolfe, InformationWeek

Learn more:
 "Istanbul" Technology Zone on .
 Six-Core AMD OpteronT Processor product page.

How Complex Is Your JRE Command-line? How Complex Is Your JRE Command-line?

As the AMD Java Labs works to improve JRE performance, sometimes our analysis leads to improvements that can be realized by tuning existing command-line flags. But here's AMD Java Labs' manager Ben Pollan's theory: "I bet most of you use few, if any, of these flags in production." So help us explore this theory by answering these two questions:
  - Do you set any command line flags in production?
  - If yes, what are they?

Just Released: ACML Version 4.3.0 Just Released: ACML Version 4.3.0

New features in Version 4.3.0 include:
  - Support for the Open64 compilers
  - Improvements in the performance of DGEMM and SGEMM
  - An experimental "fast memory allocation" scheme which may allow you to improve performance of the matrix-matrix multiply routine DGEMM
  - Tuning for AMD "Istanbul" processors within Level 1 BLAS routines and FFT routines

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NNow Available: Sun Studio 12 Update 1 Now Available: Sun Studio 12 Update 1

This latest release of Sun Studio Compilers and Tools contains new features to simplify multicore development, and contains instructions and runtime performance optimizations designed to deliver leading performance on Third Generation AMD OpteronT processor-based systems. Available on Solaris, OpenSolaris, and the latest Linux operating systems, the optimized compilers and libraries help developers create high-performance parallel applications for the latest multicore AMD systems.
Download your free and unrestricted copy today.

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Now Available: AMD CodeAnalyst v2.9 for Windows® Now Available: AMD CodeAnalyst v2.9 for Windows®

The final release of AMD CodeAnalyst Performance Analyzer v2.9 for Windows is now available. This latest release includes many bug fixes, new enhancements such as session notes to keep you organized, improved usability with process filters so that you can focus on the important data, and an all new API, ideal for developer tool applications.

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JavaOne 2009 JavaOne 2009

Did you attend JavaOne this year? Did you drop by the AMD Hang Space for a quick break between sessions? Perhaps you sat next to our AMD Java Labs engineer, Gary Frost, in one of those sessions. Get his take on how this year's event went and what interesting things are in store for Java technology, and share your own experiences with us.

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Adventures in Dual Booting OpenSolaris Adventures in Dual Booting OpenSolaris

Read how AMD Performance Engineer Quentin Neill got multi-boot working on a system with both SuSE Linux® Enterprise Server 10 SP2 and OpenSolarisT 2008.11, even though OpenSolaris is installed on the second partition.

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 "Istanbul" overview
 A Java Generics Performance Puzzler
 Just released: x86 Open64 Compiler Suite v.
 Just released: AMD Tootle Version 2.2
 Just released: SimNowT 4.5.2 with AVX support
 Just released: Advanced Synchronization Facility (ASF) specification

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