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» Visual Studio 2008 Coding Tips for targeting Quad-Core AMD Opteron™ Processors
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» Join AMD at JavaOne in San Francisco, Complete Survey for Chance to Win
» Just Released: ACML 4.1.0
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NEW: Software Optimization Video Series!

Now available are a series of informative videos that highlight some of the concepts covered in the Software Optimization Guide for AMD Family 10h Processors, focusing on key recommendations and providing examples to improve application performance.
Software Optimization Video Series

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This series covers the following topics:
» Chapter 1:  Microarchitecture
» Chapter 2:  Fetch & Branch Prediction
» Chapter 3: Decoding and Data Dispatch
» Chapter 4: ALU & FPU Behaviors
» Chapter 5: Load/Store & Data Caches
» Chapter 6: Memory Control Hub

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Visual Studio 2008 Coding Tips Visual Studio 2008 Coding Tips for targeting Quad-Core AMD Opteron™ Processors

Does your windows application need every possible ounce of performance you can squeeze out of it? We have coding tips to make your optimization quest a little easier. Check out the "Windows Zone" for the Visual Studio Coding Tips sheet, new SSE4a compiler intrinsics available with Visual Studio 2008, technical articles specifically about the Windows platform, and other related resources.

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On-demand Technical Webcasts On-demand Technical Webcasts with Microsoft

AMD staff engineers Robin Maffeo and Mike Wall recently conducted two webcasts for the Microsoft India audience. Watch these videos to learn valuable tips for optimizing on the Windows platform, as well as to gain insight into what developers in India are thinking about. (Registration with Microsoft required.)

Empowering Developers: AMD x86 and x64 Performance Considerations when Using Microsoft Visual Studio 2008
Multi Core is Here! But How Do You Resolve Data Bottlenecks in Native Code?

To download only the presentations, visit the AMD Developer Central Conference Presentations repository.
JavaOne in San Fransico 2008 Join AMD at JavaOne in San Francisco, Complete Survey for Chance to Win

AMD is a Platinum Sponsor and keynote presenter at the 2008 JavaOne conference happening in San Francisco from May 6-9. Stop by our booth to learn how AMD is connecting with the Java community to help improve software performance and optimize applications. While you’re there, fill out our online survey for a chance to win a prize. Also attend our keynote session to hear insights into the key role hardware plays in Java technology's proliferation and the impact on the end customer.

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Just Released: ACML 4.1.0 Just Released: ACML 4.1.0

The latest release of the AMD Core Math Library features double and single precision real BLAS and LAPACK routines and a retuned ZGEEM for higher performance.

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Catch the Framewave Catch the Framewave!

Introducing Framewave, an open-source collection of popular software routines designed to accelerate application development, debugging, and optimization for image and signal processing. Get the code and ride the wave to improved application performance.

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Code Faster Recently Added to

Myths and facts about 64-bit Linux®
Concurrent Data Collections: Prebuilt Threading Solutions for Real Programmers
Crazy Fast Data Sharing Between Cores
A New Approach to Parallel, Multicore Development, Part II
Live Migration with AMD-V™ Extended Migration Technology
Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 and Quad-Core AMD Opteron - The Next Generation Development and Deployment Platform
AMD SimNow 4.4.3
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