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Introducing AMD 2nd Generation Ryzen™ Desktop Processors: Game Beyond Your Imagination
The new 2nd Generation Ryzen processors deliver higher performance than ever before, with the Ryzen™ 7 2700X putting the highest multi-processing performance in mainstream desktop PCs right into your customer’s hands.1,2 These fantastic new improvements are the result of the world’s first 12nm desktop processor, which includes a host of optimizations and improvements built upon the first generation Ryzen™ CPUs.


2nd Gen Ryzen Processor Training
2nd Gen Ryzen processor - image Take the web-based training course covering what's new with 2nd Gen Ryzen Processors, Ryzen technology and features, as well as benefits for gamers and content creators. The course includes benchmarks, key takeaways, and why to buy.

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Ryzen. The Intelligent Processor.
Ryzen The Intelligent Processor Download the toolkit for the new 2nd Gen AMD Ryzen desktop processor - filled with assets to help you market and sell AMD's newest product.

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Packaging Info Sheet
Packaging Info Sheet Download the packaging info sheet, a reference guide for details on box dimensions, weight, and more. Document includes packaging standards for all AMD processors currently in the Channel, including 2nd Generation Ryzen Desktop processors.

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Meet the Experts
Webinar: Meet The Experts AMD’s partner webinar series, Meet The Experts, is packed with information about new products, partner showcases, industry insights, and much more. Starting in April, Meet the Experts is expanding to cover the entire AMD portfolio. AMD will host several webinars each month, covering everything from laptops and gaming desktops to professional graphics and servers. If you’ve attended an AMD Meet The Experts webinar before, you’ll automatically be invited to upcoming webinars as they become available. If you haven’t previously attended, please sign up now!

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