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February, 2012


  North American Spring Co-op Tour Underway

North American Spring Co-op Tour Underway AMD is excited to have welcomed a new group of co-ops and interns to its North American campuses this January. Approximately 135 co-ops and interns in the U.S. and Canada will spend their spring semester working on high impact projects, gaining real-world experience and developing their professional skills. Co-ops kicked off the semester with an overview of AMD, followed by presentations and Q&A from previous and current co-ops. The AMD overview was also an opportunity for students to get to know one another outside of their cubicles.

As part of the AMD Student Experience, co-ops and interns will have the opportunity this semester to take part in various professional development programs such as presentation skills workshops, cultural awareness assessments and general business skill development. Students will also be encouraged to participate in the AMD Community Corps and volunteer in their local communities.

On behalf of University Relations, we would like to extend a warm welcome to our Spring 2012 co-ops and interns. We look forward to a great semester!

Friday Night Food: A Co-op Tradition (Austin)

Ethan Price, Co-opby Ethan Price, Co-op
Friday Night Food got its start on a rainy night in January, 2011. It was my first week in Austin, and I had heard that there were a lot of nice restaurants in the area. I didn't know anyone, so I invited three other co-ops I had just met to go to dinner. We decided Thai food sounded interesting since none of us had ever been to a proper Thai restaurant.

So we set off, driving through a bright, unfamiliar city that had a penchant for weird U-turns in a car that had a penchant for stalling at stoplights. We arrived at our destination and were rewarded with some absolutely delicious Thai food. "We should do this again!" one of us suggested.

Just a few days later, I was voted "social coordinator," and Friday Night Food was initiated. After more than 50 FNFs, I can say it's been a resounding success. We've gotten to try all kinds of food, from the best brisket Texas has to offer, to the unique curries of a purely vegetarian Indian restaurant. We've met all sorts of people and made quite a few friends. An obligatory quote from The Hobbit: "If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world."
PEY Profile: Benjamin Hare (Canada)

Benjamin Hare When I started at AMD, my manager told me, "Welcome to the first real job of your life." It quickly became apparent to me that my job was both challenging and interesting. Every day I came in knowing that there was a major problem I'd have to solve, and I enjoyed that. As my time here progressed, I was able to secure more and more project work until, by the end of my term, I was doing work on the level of a new hire on my team.

Even though I learned a lot of technical skills while at AMD, my time here will be defined by the relationships I built with my team members. I had the pleasure to work for a team that was very close-knit, which created camaraderie that I hadn't expected.

The best advice I can give to any incoming students is to not squander this opportunity. This is your foot in the door to your future. So don't come in late, don't give 50%, and push your manager, mentor, and coworkers to notice your work. At the end, when your work is recognized and you go back to school with a good reference and a potential post-university job, you'll be glad you did.

AMD Recruiters Visiting a Campus Near You

AMD Recruiters Visiting a Campus Near You Career fair season is underway, and our North American campus teams are busier than ever! We're traveling to universities across the U.S. and Canada, looking for some of the best and brightest students to join AMD. Our co-ops, interns and recent graduates don't make coffee and shuffle papers—instead, they collaborate with some of the brightest minds in the tech industry, creating innovations that change the world.

To see where our recruiters will be, visit our online calendar. You can also RSVP on Facebook and share invites with your friends.

And remember, you can create a profile and upload your resume any time through Campus Connect.

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North American Spring Co-op Tour Underway
Friday Night Food: A Co-op Tradition (Austin)
PEY Profile: Benjamin Hare (Canada)
AMD Recruiters Visiting a Campus Near You


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